April 11, 2016

Thoughts | 2016 goals

I was looking through my posts and noticed I never listed my 2015 goals. I tend to keep my big goals to myself. :)

Over the last year, my life has changed completely. I'm no longer living with my parents. I bought a house, I have a dog, I have a husband, I'm a Certified Engineering Technologist and I started a new job. This year was all about closing the last chapter of my life and looking at some "life goals" I had set out for myself to complete before I turned 25. Did I complete all of them? Yes!

I'm sitting here just wondering what the future has in store for me... What are the goals I want to complete before I'm 30? As a married lady, I often couple my goals with my hubby because at the end of the day we're partners. I think our goals should move us forward as a unit. However, there is value in setting personal goals.

Everyone looks to the new year as a fresh start. We all make these huge lists that we want to complete and perhaps don't realize that these goals need to be realistic. They need to be enforceable and change us for the long term. Start small and move forward.

For me, 2016 will mainly be about re-developing the soft skills that I lost over the last couple years. I've noticed that I'm becoming a grouchy old lady and that needs to stop. I want to be more social next year and loosen up. Part of that decision is giving you my real name.... Here's to new friendships. My name is Samantha Brickman. Feel free to look me up on Facebook or LinkedIn. That was a little like ripping a bandaid off. 

When I first started my blog I wanted to be anonymous because I wanted to really see if I could connect with REAL followers. I wanted to be free of obligations, restrictions and judgment about how and what I was posting. To me the original followers, around the world, who I've never met have been crucial to making me feel comfortable writing. The community has been so encouraging and supportive. Over the years, I have exposed my blog to some people directly around me and I think/feel that it's time to open up. I will start linking my Facebook account to this blog. 

On that note, I will be going to bed now. My lil' family is already snoring...as we approach the new year I  will (yes... I will) post some more of my goals. 

While I drift off to Never Land I will leave you with a glimpse of my 2015.
To watch our wedding slide show click on the photo below:

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Good night Petty Bee!

December 24, 2015

Thoughts | 2016 goals... Part 2

Hey, pretty bees….
Tonight is another one of those "I drank coffee too late" nights. Instead of binge watching something useless on Netflix I thought I might chat with you.
As promised in my last post I will be sharing my 2016 goals with you.
I'm not going to lie I stole the categories from the internet but each goal was actually thought out. Anyway, here is what I would like to accomplish in 2016.

Attitude Goals
I find this category really hard to fill out because this isn't something that you can really measure, nor can you specify a deadline...
1. Try to be a Glass half full person; being a glass half empty person has served me well over the years. If you set expectations low you might get surprised…. But being like this is a downer for people around you.
2. Start really believing that I deserve to be where I am
3. Continue being thankful after each success and failure
4. Let things go; I often obsess over the things that could have been... What might have gone wrong? Who might have said something to trigger a decision that impacts me?
5. Smile more

Health Goals
Every year I've had a health goal section which really is more like a wish list. It’s true what everyone says, once you get older your body changes, and it gets harder to stay in shape. About a week ago I started eating differently. I started to cut down on the amount of dairy I consume and increased my protein. The meal plan I'm doing right now is similar to The Warrior Diet or Dukan Diet (with a couple cheat meals). I’m currently recording my food diary in MyFitnessPal. Also, on December 22 I joined a gym… Again. This time, I am going to get ripped. :) Here are my health goals for 2016:
1. Weigh the same on January 2nd, 2016 as I do now (which is 125.6lbs) ... Or hopefully, less.
2. Stop buying so much damn coffee on the way to work or at work… especially since I have a pretty awesome Breville ‘You Brew Glass’ Carafe. I have actually been thinking I should buy myself a little thermos and fill it with coffee.
3. Snack less – Snacking has always been a major contributor to my fluctuations in weight
4. Make my lunches – I definitely could reduce my eating out spending. I’ve gotten better over the years but I there is always room for improvement
5. Weigh 10lbs less January 1, 2017, or at  least feel more fit
6. Sleep 8hrs
7. Start blogging about my new health journey

Career Goals
In my last post, I talked about things that I’ve achieved in the last five years but I didn’t really write down what my actual career goals are. I’ve always been very secretive of what my goals are and my reason for being that way are that I have different versions of what my career will become. I have about 5 different career options that I would be happy to pursue.  The end result of each of these career paths is very different. I really believe that life is so hard to predict or control and I find it best to allow things to progress in a natural way. I will share some general expectations or “goals” that I want to achieve in the next year:
1. At the end of 2016 I want to look back and genuinely say that the decisions I made were worth it
2. I want to make a valuable contribution to my team
3. I want to become an expert in something new related to my career
4. Continue being malleable to change
5. Blog at least twice a month

Family Goals
Ahh… the family. What is there to say about family? My goals are pretty basic in this category. 
1. I want to be present when I’m with my family and be available when they need me. Since getting married I haven’t really gone out with my with my parents or sister. Which is a little sad :(
2. I want to create a basic plan for parenthood. Right now I don’t know if I want to be a mom but I want to set-up a health, financial and educational plan for parenthood. I don’t want to wake-up one morning, realize I’m ready and wish I had done things differently.

Fun Goals
1. My husband and I have had two vacation plans for a while…. Recently, we received some news that changes our plans slightly... Since we had already made a financial plan for vacations I think we should book the vacations anyway! :P
2. Hit the spa at least 4 times

Financial/Volunteer Goals
1. Continue donating
2. Giving my tithe
3. Next Christmas I want to help out in Operation Christmas Child  - it’s been a while

Any-hoo...Since it's Christmas Eve I wanted to wish each of you a very merry Christmas and happy new year!
 I look forward to chatting with you next year... Bye for now.

Here's a photo of me and my baby! Love her.